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We bought a Roland LPX-250 scanner a few months ago, and I'm generally happy
with it thus far. On the plus side, it is extremely simple to use. While the
scanning process is trivial, the process of turning point clouds into CAD
models takes a little more practice. We use Raindrop Geomagic to turn the
point cloud data into an editable CAD model, but the software that comes
with the scanner looks decent enough. On the down side, the accuracy specs
aren't particularly good. This isn't a $30,000+ scanner though, so it isn't
fair to compare it the high-end scanners. It works just fine for our

As far as limitations are concerned, the object to be scanned should not be
highly reflective or translucent. If you want to scan in a metal object,
you'll need to coat it with a thin layer of powder or paint first. We've
also got a Microscribe that can be manipulated to access some features that
might not be visible to the laser beam. In practice however, we've found
that the laser scanner is much easier to use.



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  Dear list,

  I'm looking almost certainly to lease but possibly to buy a general
purpose 3D digital scanner.

  My primary interest is industrial development oriented - I want to
highlight the technology to potential industrial users in a variety of

  Initially I'm attracted by the price and the decent part volume of the
Roland LPX-250.

  Important too is that it appears to include the software required to
produce a CAD model of the scanned image as standard.

  Has anyone any experience with this machine? How have you found it to
use? What are the limitations?

  Can anyone suggest alternative offerings from other suppliers?

  Thanks in advance.

  Michael Murphy

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