ModelMakerII for sale

From: Steven Pollack (
Date: Thu May 01 2003 - 07:28:20 EEST

The MMII, factory refurbished, under warranty, and
installed is $32,600. This includes the first year
warranty which runs $6K.

Even though the machine is 5 years old, with the factory
refurbishments and factory warranty that replaces all
parts, it is as good as a new machine.

Here is the breakdown:

My sale price $11,000
Factory refurbishments $10,810
1 year warranty $ 6,000
3 day onsite install $ 4,800
Total $32,600

The only other charge is room and board for the factory

Compare this to $70K for a new machine plus install.

Let me know, the machine is at the factory right now
getting the refurbishments.


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