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Date: Sat May 03 2003 - 07:35:06 EEST

Digital Jeweler, www.DigitalJeweler.NET makes use of vrml files for viewing
which are created on the fly as well as the engineering model and .stl file.
The VRML files, however, are made up of separate parts of the whole assembly
so reverse engineering(I hope) is difficult if not impossible.

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On Fri, 2 May 2003, Steven Adler ( A3DM ) wrote:
> I was aware that you could export VRML from Rhinoceros but, I do not
> believe that you can import this format.

Your beliefs notwithstanding, version 3.0 can.

>I would imagine with some effort anything can be extracted however,
>VRML by vitue of it's intended purpose on the web, is greatly
>abbreviated in file size for viewing only

Back here in real life, a VRML file contains exactly the same
information as the corresponding STL file. No effort is required to
"extract" it: one opens the file, then saves it as STL.

VRML may also contain many additional rendering parameters beyond what
is found in an STL file: viewpoints, grouping, color, surface
properties, textures.

> Any other programmers want to chime in here..... Has anyone reversed
> engineered a design from a VRML file..?

I did so twice last week, with permission of course.


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