Hello, I'm new and I need help

From: Rodrigo Viterbo (viterbo@mail.pt)
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 14:39:19 EEST

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Hello list, my name is Rodrigo Viterbo and I'm new to this list.

I'm from Portugal, I'm a student in a foundry training center. I'm learning

In CAD we have a work to present referring to the parameters of the Build Setup

This software belongs to the Sinterstation 2500 Plus. I would like to ask you
some help concerning this. There are a lot of parameters, I'm only foicusing on
the part and build parameters.

Would there be any one wanting to help me on that? I'm in a bit hurry.

Thank you all and I hope to get to know you all in some time.

Warm regards


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