2003 UGM Follow-up

From: Gary.Rabinovitz@reebok.com
Date: Tue May 06 2003 - 17:29:11 EEST

Hello Everyone,

Now that the 2003 Z-Corp UGM is over, we are already starting the planning
for the 2004 conference. For all those who attended this event, I hope
that it met your all of your expectations. Overall this conference was
very successful, as is evident by your conference evaluation forms. I have
a request for anyone who has pictures or stl. files that you would like to
share with the group. Please forward these to Phyllis Uy at Z-Corp ASAP so
that they can be included in the Conference CD, that will be distributed in
a couple of weeks.

The UGM Officers for 2003-2004 are as follows - Gary Rabinovitz (President
), Reebok International Ltd., John Slattery (Vice President), Wolverine
World Wide, Inc, and Kim Phillips (Secretary), Solid Imaging, Ltd.
Z-Corp's continued support will come from Phyllis Uy and Scott Banda.

Several highlights of the conference included the Vendor and Parts Fairs.
It is an incredible site to see what users are doing with this technology!!
The User Presentations were outstanding, especially Dr. Fernando's use of
the Z-Corp machine in Plastic Surgery. Alair Emory, Javelin 3D, presented
Art and Advertising, 3D Printing applications. The Pillsbury Dough Boy
gets a new look. And how about that 20 foot Buddha statue? Four
informative Workshops were also highlighted during Monday's sessions.

Wish list feedback forms will be mailed along with the conference CD's.

I would like to thank Z-Corp for all their efforts in making this 2003 UGM
a huge success. I look forward to seeing you all at the 2004 UGM.

Gary Rabinovitz
President - Z-Corp UGM 2003

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