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Date: Wed May 07 2003 - 23:30:44 EEST

If you've noticed, the market for smaller cost machines has continued to
grow and the large platform, higher-end machines seem to be hurting from a
sales standpoint. So, this would more than likely impact the sales of
companies like Stratasys and not really hurt sales of machines like the
SLA-7000 or Vanguard HS (they're hurting enough already and don't need much
help). Assuming these printers are concept modellers, you may actually see
a rise in the need to outsource because many design groups would not be
pushing for the $500k machine, but get the smaller one and then outsource
their special projects to a service bureau instead of an internal model

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  I don't know if anyone saw the article at the New York Times on-line.
Buried in the middle of the story is talk of HP entering the 3d printing
(Bunny Burner) business, that would sell for as little as $1000.00 and they
were thinking about building "a high-cost stereo lithographic printer,
code-named Zorro".

  It's nice yet terrifying to see a company like HP jump in with a $1000
printer. IF the quality is there what will that do to Service Bureaus?
Will all those smaller parts be built in house? Even a dedicated hobbyist
could contemplate buying a "Bunny Burner".

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