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 It may be my reading of the article but it appeared to me that both the
writer and the engineers are not at all sure about the internal viability of

"a prototype of a printer that would sell for as little as (emphasis mine)
$1,000 and that might one day permit ordinary consumers ..."
"It's not clear that 3-D printing has the support needed to solve all of our
problems," one of the researchers here said"

The business issues are described as " a quandary".

I, like many others, look forward to such a machine. However, if I had a
dollar for each time a low cost consumer machine had been described,
revealed, announced or promised on this list, I would be able to buy an 810.

While with each incremental reduction in RP price and increase in
usability, new business opportunities open, the availability of a consumer
machine assumes that large numbers of people have a proven desire plus the
ability to design and burn their own bunnies. In addition, that they are
willing to pay $1000 plus materials plus some sort of CAD type tool to make
custom mantle piece ornaments. I remain unconvinced.


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  If you've noticed, the market for smaller cost machines has continued to
grow and the large platform, higher-end machines seem to be hurting from a
sales standpoint. So, this would more than likely impact the sales of
companies like Stratasys and not really hurt sales of machines like the
SLA-7000 or Vanguard HS (they're hurting enough already and don't need much
help). Assuming these printers are concept modellers, you may actually see
a rise in the need to outsource because many design groups would not be
pushing for the $500k machine, but get the smaller one and then outsource
their special projects to a service bureau instead of an internal model

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    I don't know if anyone saw the article at the New York Times on-line.
Buried in the middle of the story is talk of HP entering the 3d printing
(Bunny Burner) business, that would sell for as little as $1000.00 and they
were thinking about building "a high-cost stereo lithographic printer,
code-named Zorro".

    It's nice yet terrifying to see a company like HP jump in with a $1000
printer. IF the quality is there what will that do to Service Bureaus?
Will all those smaller parts be built in house? Even a dedicated hobbyist
could contemplate buying a "Bunny Burner".

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