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Where can I get this vinyl ink to try out?
Sounds promising.
I use RIT dye
Karsten A.

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  I was told that DTM did in fact supply coloured powders to selected customers who wanted to make parts in standard (e.g. computer brown/grey) colours. This didn't work very well for obvious, marketing reasons. This was one of the reasons we looked at colouring in-situ.

  Certainly there would have been differences in the laser/material interaction for different colours/additives. We noted changes in thermal conductivity for example, although it is probably not so much due to the colour as some of the other material properties (molecule size, lattice structure, etc.). For homogeneous mixtures this would be quite easy to characterise and program. Where you are making functional gradients (i.e. changing the mixture), this would be more difficult.


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    I assume you have coloured the parts after they have been built. Ian Gibson at Hong Kong University has tried adding colour and graphite to SLS material prior to sintering. Has anyone tried using coloured powders for SLS and does it affect the ability of the powder to absorb the laser or any other processing parameters?

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      Is anybody using vinyl dyes for coloring SLA, SLS or other prototype parts?

      I recently used this to color some plastic parts and it worked great.

      It is a penatrant, not a coating, so it did not fill in the small text on the piece I colored.

      It also seems to be quite durable.

      Just curious.

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