RE: Intel Centrino Performance for 3D Design and RP

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Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 14:24:09 EEST

Centrino is the new mobile processor built for notebooks and use with
wireless networks.

You won't see performance that's as good as a work station, but it should
run Solidworks

with stability.


Follow the link to get more info about the new Processor


Personally I'm using a 3.06GHz Pent IV with great success. As with any
CAD/CAM Software LOTS of ram will

greatly increases performance.


Solidworks has a compatibility page that will list processors and video
cards and there ability to perform with solidworks




Jay Waldon

Laser Reproductions




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I am interested in knowing if anybody on the list has compared the
performance of the Intel Centrino processor against a more traditional
Pentium IV, when running software like Solidworks or other 3D design
software. If so, how much faster or slower did the Centrino perform?

Al Hastbacka

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