3D Compress Releases Plug in for Rhino3.0

From: Anshuman Razdan (razdan@asu.edu)
Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 17:08:25 EEST

3D Web Export Plug-in for Rhino 3.0.
from 3D Compression Technologies (www.3dcompress.com)

We announced our beta version of this plug-in last month on the newsgroup.
After plenty of positive feedback, we are happy to announce its formal
Please visit http://www.3dcompress.com/web/Products/RhinoPlugin.htm to
a free, 30-day evaluation copy or to purchase the plug-in. The purchase
is $99 for a license valid for all Rhino 3.* releases.

The 3D Web Export plug-in will allow you to share your 3D Rhino models with
those that do not have Rhino. The exported file is in a compressed format
that is viewable using a free, browser-based viewer and container web page.
Mapped textures are preserved within the compressed model as well,
the need to attach jpg files.

To address a few questions that were posted last month:
1) 3D Compression Technologies 3D Web Export plugin has a definite advantage
over Shockwave: You still have to pay for Director. Once you buy our plugin,
there are no more costs.
2) Viewpoint file sizes are not categorically smaller, and Viewpoint cannot
compress files of arbitrary size.
3) The meshing is done by Rhino. (Within Rhino you can control the meshing.)
4) The plugin costs $99 -- no more.

Please send technical questions to jim@3dcompress.com.

Dianne Hansford

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