Translating CT scan data

From: Karen Morris (
Date: Fri May 09 2003 - 17:41:34 EEST

Dear Caleb,

Your request for information, on the RP mailing list, was passed on to me.
You may have already visited our website, which is located at:

I am writing to provide you with some additional information in answer to
your posted question. Your question was: Does anyone know if it is possible
to translate CT scan data to ASCII point data(XYZ) or even stl or obj mesh

Our MIMICS software is an interactive tool that reads CT/MRI data.
Segmentation and editing tools enable the users to manipulate the data to
select bone, soft tissue, skin, etc. Once an area of interest is separated,
it can be visualized in 3D. A file can then be created in our CTM module to
interface with a various Rapid Prototyping machines. Mimics exports files
specific to the machine such as STL, slice, etc. In addition to Rapid
Prototyping, Mimics has a two-way interface with CAD systems through our
MedCAD module by outputting IGES files, point cloud data or inputting STL
files. Additionally, it provides a unique link to Finite Element Analysis

Mimics also interfaces with our Magics software.

Magics RP:
Ensures that the CAD-data is easily translated into machine files. Some of
the automated and advanced features include visualization of 3D CAD models,
measuring on STL files, STL repair, as well as intuitive RP work preparation
and STL manipulation.

An on-line conference can be initiated to discuss and interactively
visualize your resulting 3D models in real-time via Internet or LAN with
Magics Communicator.

An evaluation of Mimics/Magics/Communicator can be conducted to learn more
about its technical capabilities and to decide if it meets your application
needs, as described in your posted question. This can be done by
downloading the latest software version from our website: <>

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind Regards,
Karen Morris
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