Re: 3D Compress Releases Plug in for Rhino3.0

From: Greg Pettengill (
Date: Sun May 11 2003 - 09:24:21 EEST


Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it may prove very useful to me! Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the demo (View an example -- the Rhino Logo in 3D!) to run in either Internet Explorer or Netscape on my machine. :-( Is it just me or are others having this problem?

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Subject: 3D Compress Releases Plug in for Rhino3.0

> 3D Web Export Plug-in for Rhino 3.0.
> from 3D Compression Technologies (
> We announced our beta version of this plug-in last month on the newsgroup.
> After plenty of positive feedback, we are happy to announce its formal
> release.
> Please visit to
> download
> a free, 30-day evaluation copy or to purchase the plug-in. The purchase
> price
> is $99 for a license valid for all Rhino 3.* releases.
> The 3D Web Export plug-in will allow you to share your 3D Rhino models with
> those that do not have Rhino. The exported file is in a compressed format
> that is viewable using a free, browser-based viewer and container web page.
> Mapped textures are preserved within the compressed model as well,
> eliminating
> the need to attach jpg files.
> To address a few questions that were posted last month:
> 1) 3D Compression Technologies 3D Web Export plugin has a definite advantage
> over Shockwave: You still have to pay for Director. Once you buy our plugin,
> there are no more costs.
> 2) Viewpoint file sizes are not categorically smaller, and Viewpoint cannot
> compress files of arbitrary size.
> 3) The meshing is done by Rhino. (Within Rhino you can control the meshing.)
> 4) The plugin costs $99 -- no more.
> Please send technical questions to
> Thanks,
> Dianne Hansford

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