RE: Any ideas how to stop SPAM on our list ??

From: Blasch, Larry (
Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 00:27:04 EEST

I no longer include my e-mail address in any correspondence in the
traditional form. I now list my e-mail address in plain English
(lblasch at opw -fc dot com). This makes the address readable to anyone who
actually looks at it, but it won't be read by the data mining robots that
search for addresses to sell.
Is there any way to set Majordomo up to use this "plain English" in the e-
mail addresses? (rp-ml at rapid dot lpt dot fi)
If we could do that then the e-mail search robots would find it very
difficult to extract the mailing list info.
Looking for a way to slow the deluge of spam...
Larry Blasch
(lblasch at opw -fc dot com)

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From: Rafael Santillan
Sent: Monday, May 12, 2003 4:32 PM
Subject: Any ideas how to stop SPAM on our list ??

Does any body have an idea how to stop so much unwanted mails ??, I have
set up filters in Outlook but there are always new ones.. this is
affecting us and many valuable contributers who have already left the list
because of this.
So before more listers leave what about a new list free of spam ??? Does
any body have an idea how to create a new list free of this or move our
list to a more secure place !.
How can I help ? I am willing to do something or colaborate to improve
our list.
just think .. would not be nice a spam free list ??
I am sure it is possible ..
best regards..

Dr. Rafael Santillan
3Drapid Director
Cerro Gordo 105, Col. Las Americas
Queretaro. Qro. Mex. CP 76130
Tel/Fax. 442- 217-0803
Cel; 442-236-6015
movil email: <>
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