Increasing the layer thickness in SLS?

From: Stefan Donovski (
Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 11:04:55 EEST

Dear List,

I'm interested in influence on the layer thickness in SLS process.
I'm using DTM's Synterstation 2500 plus system.
I usually work with 0,10mm layer thickness, but I have heard that I can
decrease my build time if I increase this value to for example 0.12mm.
Should I increase the laser power too, and is there any math dependence
between these two variables. Which is the biggest value if it is possible?
I haven't done this, but when I set this value just in the software the
following message appears on my screen:"DTM suggested 0.1mm ..97%"
I will deeply appreciate Your help.

SPARKY GmbH, Sofia

Stefan Donovski

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