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From: Kirk Alcond (
Date: Tue May 13 2003 - 21:23:17 EEST

Hi Everybody,

I totally agree with Rafael Santillan. There is major spam hurting the
list. In fact I just sent in my "remove" because of it and then Doug
Johnson's email stopped me at the exit. Thanks Doug for "Stepping up to the
Plate, and giving us a better option!" I am on board!

I see many other, important rapid prototyping participants, dropping out,
too. Please, join:

We need you, and you may benefit from us as well.
z Kirk
Kirk Alcond, UCLA Architecture, Shop Supervisor,
Phone: 310-825-1626

>From: "Rafael Santillan" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Any ideas how to stop SPAM on our list ??
>Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 15:31:44 -0500
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>Importance: Normal
>Does any body have an idea how to stop so much unwanted mails ??, I have
>set up filters in Outlook but there are always new ones.. this is
>affecting us and many valuable contributers who have already left the
>list because of this.
>So before more listers leave what about a new list free of spam ??? Does
>any body have an idea how to create a new list free of this or move our
>list to a more secure place !.
>How can I help ? I am willing to do something or colaborate to
>improve our list.
>just think .. would not be nice a spam free list ??
>I am sure it is possible ..
>best regards..
>Dr. Rafael Santillan
>3Drapid Director
>Cerro Gordo 105, Col. Las Americas
>Queretaro. Qro. Mex. CP 76130
>Tel/Fax. 442- 217-0803
>Cel; 442-236-6015
>movil email: <>

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