Lets calm down and review options on regard of the RPML

From: Rafael Santillan (rsanti@3drapid.com)
Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 05:10:35 EEST

Dear Owner
  I admire your dedication during the last years to create and coordinate
this list which has been a way to improve our knowledge on RP, however there
is an urgent need to stop the SPAM before everybody ask to be REMOVED from
it, so if you have any effective way to stop SPAM or a proposal, many of
us would be interested in to help you in order to save the list.

Thanks for the prompt actions to propose a solution, however I would
suggest to include the actual RPML owner on this and wait until next week
when most of RPMListers (with budget) are back to their offices from the RP
show in Chicago (hope you enjoyed it and send me a summary of what´s new on
the business) and help with ideas.

On the time being I will post tomorrow the summary of the proposals we have
so far to save the list from SPAM, may be next week we will have enough
proposals to let the mayority of the listers decide what to do about.

If anybody is interested in to take over the responsability to coordinate
this effort please speak up since I am not very god for this stuff.

very best regards.

Dr. Rafael Santillan
Director 3DRAPID
Cerro Gordo 105, Col. Las Americas
Queretaro. Qro. Mex. CP 76130
Tel/Fax. 442- 217-0803
Cel; 442-236-6015
movil email: rsanti@movilaccess.com

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  If we start to get spam at all, I will set it up so I have to check each
post before it is forwarded to the list.

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