Re: Dropping like files today.

From: Hannu Kaikonen (
Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 07:13:33 EEST

On Tue, 13 May 2003 wrote:

Yahoooo! Yet another one using the name rp-ml without approval...

What's the matter with you people, where's your imagination? Just trying
to ride with other peoples hard work? Is that the best you can offer?
I'm sure your company enjoys this kind of reputation.

What makes you think that I've been keeping this list alive for several
years now - and for the past two years investing my own money in to it to
keep it alive. Just to give it away to any Jack or Jill willing to
take it? Keep on dreaming- it's never that easy.

> I am saddened to see all of the people removing themselves from the list.
That happens every day. Each day about 10 people leave the list, but more
join it - Every Single Day. That's called Life.

> This list has a tremendous value.
Yep, more than you're ever able to pay. Neither The List nor the Name is
for sale.

> I have set up a list if anyone wants to try it.
> It requires e-mail confirmation.
> The names on the list are not disclosed to the public.
> Just trying to save a great resource.
Stealing it you mean? Shame on you.

> I could even set it up so I have to approve every post.
> I am willing to do that.
Yeah, sure - for how long? Remember my friend, I've done that - It's more
work than you can imagine - If you want to provide a good service - that

So good luck with your moderation - I expect your list serves
subscribers 24/7 with no delays longer than a few hours... even when the
daily email amount rises above 20... The list IS international, and emails
do come 24 hours a day - so show what you got tiger.

> That would completely eliminate spam, as I would have to approve everything
> that gets sent out.
> As I am at my desk most days, it would happen in a timely fashion.
During the night time and weeekends and your holidays?

> Let me know.
> Doug Johnson
> ProtoCall, LLC
> 507 West College Avenue
> Waukesha, WI 53186-4501
> 262.446.3104
> 262.896.8945 fax

Hey that's a neat name, I might set up a mailing list "protocallonline" -
I'm just not sure what I use it for... Well, I'll find something "nice"...

Sorry folks - this is one of the not so good days.

Bye for now... I got some real work to do today.

// RD

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