rp-ml List lemmings

From: Ron & Mary Ohler (r-m-ohler@triton.net)
Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 14:52:25 EEST

    Thankyou for your many years of dedication, time, expence, and patience. You have quietly worked in the background for the good of folks in this technology. Some are merely interested in the emergence of new tech. Others are students, and many are folks who actually benifit financially from participation in your service. Yet you ask for nothing in return. There are phrases about folks who give of themselves for the good of others. Think of one that you like. It applies.
    Spam has become a problem, not just here on THE list. I will not take a flying leap like so many others have done in the past few days. Please note that I have only seen a few folks leaving who were names that I recognized from active participation in THE list. The lemmings can run and jump. I will not. I would rather write a note to support this list than just type remove.
     I suggest that everyone who is still on the list think about sending a note to their Government and ask for something to be done. Sure, it is more work than REMOVE but far more effective. Spam-whether email or fax is costing all of us money and productivity.

Ron Ohler
Ohler Machine

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