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From: John M. Irvin (
Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 16:52:32 EEST

It is very obvious that the people managing the rpml list need to look at
the marketing and operations of this list. As in business if we do not
listen to our customers and change with the times we can loose customers
quickly to the competition. Kmart, JC Penney's, Monkey Wards are a good
example of a once strong companies that have failed, mainly because they did
not evaluate their customers and operations. Wal-Mart and Target were small
at one time and now Wal-Mart is the largest Corp. in the world.
With respect to the users of the list, the people that are abandoning this
list are obviously selfish or part of the shopping mall mentality. We get
spammed from every aspect of our life (phone calls, e-mail, junk postal
mail, TV ads, Radio ads, Highway billboards, Useless conversations during
the holidays and when some one stubs a toe on the rpml...ect). Yes it is a
nuisance and it should be stopped, but we live in a country that
entrepuerial ventures and freedom of speech are encouraged and not
suppressed. It takes 2 minutes to erase the Spam that occurs, how many
minutes of time do highly paid employees waist a day cruising the web on
non-work related sites. If we paid our employees for the time to erase the
Spam and deducted pay for the time cruising non-work related stuff. A
company would make out.
Lastly, the guys at rpml need to fix this virus. But for me this site has
been very informational and the other rpml site will be good for
competition. But eventually the spammers will hack thru that site and we
will be back to square one. Instead of moving, we should somehow as a group,
cutoff the head of the snake, instead of cutting the tail. The snake will
still strike and kill ya. (I've said my piece, I'm staying)

John Irvin
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