Re: The RPML should be fixed and not abandoned.

Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 17:31:25 EEST

Hanna/all -

I also have been a subscriber for many years, and due to my company's
e-mail policies, I have not been able to post to the list very often. I
use this list as a significant resource as I follow the RP industry. I
have received a tremendous amount of knowledge from those who post to this
list. I also have been saddened by the amount of SPAM that is passed on to
me by this list, and the anti-SPAM messages contribute far too much to the
problem. If there is a way to reduce the SPAM, that would be great, and if
SPAM does sneak in, can we all just hit the delete key?

I now promise to post to this list and become a much more active member of
the RPML community... as along as everyone else promises to just delete!

To quote John Irvin, "I've said my piece, I'm staying".

Paul Bates
Director of Advanced Process Engineering - Reebok International

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