PVC compound

From: George Krushedolsky (teknika-ved@mail.ru)
Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 18:42:14 EEST

Dear ALL!

We are looking for a granulated PVC compound and Master Batch to manufacture the food-grade PVC stretch film by blown-extrusion method.

We need them in the following quantities:

PVC compound - 40 metric ton per month.

Colored Master Batch - 1 metric ton per month.

Please, inform me, can you provide us with these products.

Looking forward to receiving soon your answer,

            Best regards,
            George Krushedolsky
            head of purchasing department
            EPK Teknika LTD, Ukraine
            61003, Kharkov, ul. Korolenko 4
 tel/fax: 38-057-771-04-25
e-mail teknika-ved@mail.ru

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