RE: The RPML should be fixed and not abandoned.

From: Charles Overy (
Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 19:43:20 EEST

My recollection from the previous go arround was that Hannu had a great deal
of (deserved) pride in the community he helped establish and wished to keep
it. It seems to be appropriate to do so and most previous attempts to
fracture or rehost the list have failed.

Subscription lists are fine for smaller groups but I think that, again, in
the previous go discussion, it was determined that being ablt to post to
the RP-ML without subscribing had some benefit. It was felt that it added a
more open list with people outside the RP-ML community able to post, read
etc. Perhaps we can no longer have this luxury, but without trying some
other solutions I am not ready admint defeat.

I recently went looking for spam reduction solutions for our office. There
are a number of open source as well as commercial tools. None are perfect
but all will eliminate a signifcant fraction of spam. Unlike a desktop or
office server, a higher degree of false positives is probably fine for a
maillist which is to our advantage. AT LGM, we settled on Mail Scanner
as it also offered virus protection for our Linux mail server. We hope
to get this installed by mid July. As I remember it is open source but you
have to pay for the good virus subscription.

I have offered before and will again now. LGM will contribute to the cost
of having spam and virus filters implemented on the RP-ML. I belive others
will step up as well. I would suggest that, if Hannu is interested, he
could contact the developers of MAIL SCANNER, SPAM ASSASSIN or the like and
get a quote for the professional installation of that service on the server.
A Paypal account can be set up for donations and the project implemented
when sufficient funds have been raised. Yearly fundraising via online
beg-a-thon would most likely be necessary. Fine, so be it. If Hannu would
like to delegate, happy to provide labor, research or services.

I agree with Doug and others that something needs to be done. Less noise
and more signal will increase the value of the list.
Just hitting delete doesn't cut it for me anymore.


Charles Overy
Director, LGM

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I could not agree with you more Ed. Well said.

-Eitan Priluck

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