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Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 17:06:15 EEST

Hello Joan,

We presently cast CoCr alloys for land-based turbine blade components. The
CoCr alloys would not present us with any technical problems. We would love
to cast medical/human body implants as we have not had a previous
opportunity to do so.

I suspect that such applications may require the foundry to have product
liability insurance and we do not, nor could we afford such coverage given
our size and current product mix. However, we could produce the castings,
perform all testing to ensure the parts meet their specifications, but we do
not presently have a products liability policy.

If an opportunity in this area was large enough, we would most definitely
add a products liability policy to cover us if it were required to secure an
order. However, the business opportunity would have to be sufficiently
large enough (financially) to justify the cost of the added coverage.

Our starting point for quoting and manufacturing of prototypes is a 3D CAD
.stl file.

Best Regards, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

Thoms Corp
696 Paine Road
North Attleboro MA 02760-4451

Thoms Corp is a manufacturer of prototype precision cast parts in ferrous
alloys (3 weeks) including 4140, 316 SS and 17-4PH and nonferrous alloys (1
week) including A356 aluminum, 20C beryllium copper, Art Casters bronze and
precious metals alloys. Send your zipped binary .stl files for rapid quotes.

Tel/Fax 508-316-1230
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> Dear list,
> Is there any experience or is there anybody able to create prototypes with
> Cr-Co alloys for artifitial knee?
> Technologies? Bureaus? Times? Costs? Any help?
> In negative case, which other material and technology could we use?
> Thanks folks!
> Joan

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