Re: RE: Intel Centrino Performance for 3D Design and RP

Date: Thu May 15 2003 - 17:08:54 EEST

> You may say that this test was not a
>comparison because one computer is "bigger" (per say) than the >other, we
>only talking about 66mhz difference in speed and 512mb of >memory that's
>much. It's the design of the computer that makes the difference.

The difference was actually 660 Ghz. That is pretty big. As is 512mg ram. But your point is correct. Compare a top of the line consumer Dell like a Dimension to a workstation and the workstation will typically be faster. Deciding which workstation is fastest for your application is alot more work.

I went with the Dell d800 laptop. Everything was better than the D50 mobile workstation except the graphics card. However, for me the Quadro4 was not worth $1,000 over the Geforce4 but the Geforce4 was worth more than the ATI. (thanks to the list for the experience with the ATI) Other people with different needs will make a different decision. I don't have Solidworks but I will post some Pro/E benchmarks.

It will be interesting to see how the mobile AMD Athalon64 performs.

Henry Sommer

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