RE: Increasing the layer thickness in SLS?

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Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 18:54:46 EEST

The older software allowed you to directly enter in layer thickness. You
may have to "expand" your list to see all settings.

If you change your layer thickness from 0.004" to 0.006", you will want to
increase your feed distance by roughly 50% and your laser power by roughly
50%. You will probably overshoot, but I prefer to add too much powder than
not enough. Your laser power can be adjusted as well. In general, there is
a direct correlation of layer thickness to laser power and feed distance.
Temperatures are material dependant.

Oh, and by the way, we've gone through this unsubscribe mess on several
occasions. Everyone take a deep breath. . .

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You are assuming he has a late enough version of the software to do such
things as change the build mode or turn on Auto Feed.
Not everyone is so fortunate. ;-)

I'm a little swamped at the moment to look up the settings that are switched
to when I change build modes, but if no one does answer with some
temperature, feed height, laser power settings. . . ask me again next week
and I'll see if I can't help.

Scott Tilton

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The easiest way to do that is under the Tools, Change Build Mode in the
build setup software.
It then automagically takes care of the settings. Make sure to use Auto
Feed as well so that you don't short feed the powder.


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>>> Stefan Donovski <> 05/13/03 04:04AM
Dear List,

I'm interested in influence on the layer thickness in SLS process.
I'm using DTM's Synterstation 2500 plus system.
I usually work with 0,10mm layer thickness, but I have heard that I
decrease my build time if I increase this value to for example 0.12mm.
Should I increase the laser power too, and is there any math
between these two variables. Which is the biggest value if it is
I haven't done this, but when I set this value just in the software
following message appears on my screen:"DTM suggested 0.1mm ..97%"
I will deeply appreciate Your help.

SPARKY GmbH, Sofia

Stefan Donovski

tel: (+359 2) 93-20-559
fax: (+359 2) 93-20-510 <> <>

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