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Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 22:02:05 EEST

I don't have any technical data to back me up but I do like the LCD monitors
I have a DELL 20 inch digital input at work and it is really nice.
My co-worker has the same monitor but is using Analog and it is not as
So my own observations are that it is better. At least I like it more.
The trick to getting a good monitor is to have your work place pay for it!
A good letter of justification can get you just about anything. Good tools =
Good work!


I don't mind the spam so much because if I get 1 out of 1000 mails that I
can use, then it's worth the hassle.
I've actually found some great products or services hidden within all the
junk. Like a virtual flea market.

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> Dave,
> Thanks for posting the question. We are considering the same but my
> reaction was that I did not want to give up the resolution. It seems that
> unless you are willing to pay the REALLY big money, it is difficult to
> over 1280x 1020 resolution. Also does it make any practical difference
> have analog vs digital input to the LCD?
> Thanks
> Charles Overy
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> Hi Everyone, I wondering what has be the experience of you digital
> that have switched to LCD monitor?
> Namely eye strain?
> Dave Harbour

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