list should be closed to nonsubscribers

From: Henry Sommer (
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 06:52:05 EEST

            I have run mailing lists in the past (FSAE) and I think the best
policy is not to allow posting from addresses that are not subscribed. I
know that this will cause problems for some people that like to use more
than one e-mail address and other situations. However, this will kill a
major portion of the spam which is obviously bothering people and improve
the signal to noise ratio. There are now software packages that will allow
access through both a web forum and a mailing list. ( is an example or
<> ) These can be nice but they are probably more work
than we can fairly ask from Hannu.

I would also like to see any message with a subject of remove that was sent
to the list to be sent o dev/null instead of the list :)

Thanks to Hannu and those that started this list.

Henry Sommer

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