RE: The RPML should be fixed and not abandoned.

From: Evan Kirby (
Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 17:50:36 EEST

Being another "lurker" and also relatively new to the list, imagine my
surprise after coming back from the RP&M show and finding 175 e-mails on the
list! After sifting through the wreckage, I found: approximately 30 e-mails
concerning RP topics; 14 e-mails which were bona fide spam. Guess what?
The rest were all about spam, i.e. they became spam themselves.

My conclusion: since less than 10% if the e-mails I received were actual
spam from outside sources and it took me about 1 minute to identify and then
delete them and it subsequently took me about 45 minutes to sift through the
rest, can we please all get along?

I realize that spam is a major nuisance. But for the most part, it is just
that, a nuisance. Therefore, I am going to bite the bullet and continue as
is and stay on the list.

Evan Kirby
Technical Instructor
Materialise, USA

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Another "Lurker" concurring........Hannu you know how we feel about this
issue here. Thanks -ESP

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Jeez -

If Paul Bates posts, it must be bad! I guess I'll even have to put in my
$.02. Though I seldom post, I've been a "lurker" on the list for many years.
There's no doubt that Hannu and the list have been indisposable resources to
our community, and though the spam is a pain in the neck, I plan on hangin'
in there with the RPML. Please, no offense, Doug, but I agree that we should
be hosted by a non-commercial site to minimize partiality of management.
Hannu, I know you're a busy person - how about recruiting some other folks
to help with the spam issue (don't look at me, though - I don't know
anything about it!). I know we've been through this before, and maybe it's
necessary to "thin the herd" every once in a while, though I hate to see the
loss of networking and strength in numbers.
I'll be sticking around if for nothing else than to see if Paul lives up to
his promise to "become a much more active member of the RPML community"!

Tony Furdock
Creative Technical Solutions
6880 Hillsdale Court
Indianapolis, IN 46250
fax 317-578-3446


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Hanna/all -

I also have been a subscriber for many years, and due to my company's
e-mail policies, I have not been able to post to the list very often. I
use this list as a significant resource as I follow the RP industry. I
have received a tremendous amount of knowledge from those who post to this
list. I also have been saddened by the amount of SPAM that is passed on to
me by this list, and the anti-SPAM messages contribute far too much to the
problem. If there is a way to reduce the SPAM, that would be great, and if
SPAM does sneak in, can we all just hit the delete key?

I now promise to post to this list and become a much more active member of
the RPML community... as along as everyone else promises to just delete!

To quote John Irvin, "I've said my piece, I'm staying".

Paul Bates
Director of Advanced Process Engineering - Reebok International

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