Great to see you all back from Chicago

From: Cota, Vesna (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 00:01:18 EEST

Such a refreshment and pleasure reading your lines!
I wonder, what caught your attention at the RP&M Conference?
...beside the puzzle ( of which I also hold an unofficial SCS-8000 piece
created on Sony system).
I was impressed by the number of machines on the floor and how many were
building parts during the show. Wish I had a file along to test the
Perfactory. (And a few cells to test the bio plotter ...) Didn't see
Sanders, Solidscape, nor any LOM. Did I miss them?
Impressive range of new materials. Still lots of work to be done including
the material qualifications, but this is definitely the key to the future of
rapid manufacturing and beyond.
Workshops were a great idea. Good tracks.
The greatest challenge:
figure out how to attend both presentation tracks, the workshops, AND walk
the exhibit floor all at the same time, AND meet ...
Exhausting, yet -- It was all worth it.
Thanks Materialise for feeding the hungry and thirsty RP-ML crowd...
It was great seeing you all!
Vesna Cota
Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd.
Canadian Development Engineering
Global Automotive Division
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