The mailing list

Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 04:44:54 EEST

I am not asking people to leave the list.

Just offering a temporary list until Hannu surfaces and we get the current
one running smoothly again

In fact, I have been forwarding e-mails from one list to the other to make
sure nothing gets missed.

Temporary mailing list...

1) You have to be registered to post.
2) If needed the administrators can screen every e-mail to make sure it is
3) It is not a public list, meaning you can't go to the website and get the
e-mail addresses of all of the subscribers.
4) You must sign up through the website.

and/or a forum/message board.

Both are completely free of spam.

There is too much value in the minds that belong to the RP-ML to see it lost
because of spam.

It is not just a matter of deleting it, in some companies, just receiving an
e-mail with adult subject matter is grounds for dismissal.

Doug "just trying to help" Johnson

If you need any help or have suggestions please e-mail me.
I am more than happy to spend my time and money to keep this going.

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