please stop firing and lets find a SPAM Fixing plan..

From: Rafael Santillan (
Date: Thu May 22 2003 - 16:20:28 EEST

Dear Hannu.... All
I have grown and learned a lot from this list which I consider is very very
valuable, and I am sorry you are in a defensive way rather than ask for
help and improve the list, Being agresive and fire back to the listers that
complain for the SPAM is not going to solve the problem and I personally
feel sorry that this is happening sine I do not think any body was trying
to personally offend or steal "your" list like you mentioned, but to make
you realize that something should be done to stop SPAM.

I recognize that you have done a great job keeping the list for some many
years, but facing reality with the new annoying SPAM, I think the RPML
should be moving ahead like everything else to the new threats and do
something rather than fire back to the ones that complain or leave. I
understand many of the ones that feel frustrated for so much rubish coming
in and it looks like nobody care !.
I agree with many that we can erase by hand the unwanted emails but honestly
they are more than twice SPAM messages than normal RPML, we can erase them
but why dont we stop the most if we can, and if there are the tools
available to do it, is it that difficult ?

During the last few days several listers have proposed several ways to solve
the problem that may work, why dont you let us know what are you doing
about and if help is needed please ask for it and for sure more than one of
us will rise the hand.
A quick summary of the proposals we have:
.-registred listers can post only (sounds good enough)
.-move to a more secure list place (same owner)
.-set up a robot or program that erase identified SPAM
.-the use of a RPML word in the subject to identify
(among so many other solutions) I am a neophyte on this topic but it
looks like there are options to take..

Lets do something to stop so many valuable listers to leave, even if they
looks to be valuable for abandoning the ship, we never know when they may
help us to solve a tough problem.

We all appreciate if you can let us know what you think and if planning to
do something

we all care about it..

cheers to all.

(sorry for my bad Spelling and grammar..working on improving it)


Dr. Rafael Santillan
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On Wed, 21 May 2003, Walt Napowsa wrote:

> Do you even care?

> I have not seen you respond to any of the emails regarding the CRAP that
> continue to allow on our list.
> Get off your A__ and do something about it or there will not be any one
> to carry on informative conversations with.
> If you do not wish to do this anymore then just let someone know so that
> can move on.
> This is getting just plain STUPID...
> My delete key is wearing out...

And who the h*ll are you Walt Napowsa???? Oh yes now I remember...
You the one that sneaked in through the back door Jun 25 2001 and has
been lurking around ever since... this is your first actual posting to

Your valuable contribution to the list is noticed and treated with all the
respect it deserves...

Thanks Walt, you really saved my day... LOL

// Hannu

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