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     In response to Karsten's message. I have never heard of the firm you
mentioned. Sor some years, I was the president of the Washington County
chapter of the Inventors Workshop International Education Foundation
(IWIEF). Our members were always told to be very careful when dealing with
companies who would "evaluate" an invention. The usual scheme was to charge
a modest fee of about $100. The inventor would then be told that his/her
invention was wonderful, and that for more money it would be promoted. The
inventor would end up spending a lot of money, and often not getting very
far with the invention.


    Robert Jaquiss

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Inventor listers,
Has anyone heard of or used the company called ?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I would also like you to reply off list if you have anything negative to
say about them.
I don't want any reputations misinterpreted or slandered. I know how
easily people turn against one another in this business.

Karsten Aagaard

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