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Date: Mon May 26 2003 - 18:20:46 EEST

MessageDear Mehmet SALIM,

I think that you are referring to a process that is commonly called Metal Die Casting. Usually, it is not very practical for jewelry applications. But, as you suggest, theoretically it would be possible to Die Cast jewelry items. So, if you can afford it, I would be happy to custom design, build and deliver the means to do what ever you wish in this line. Please feel free to give me a call anytime...

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Greg Pettengill
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  From: Mehmet SALIM
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  Hello to all list,
  Does anyone know any kind of research or trials of making INJECTION MOULDING and INJECTION of Gold ?
  We are in Jewellery industry and the main problem with working rubber moulds for wax patterns to use in Investment casting is standardization of the part and the part weight. And the other problem is the air bulbs inside of the casted parts which make a bad outlooking on the surface of the part.
  If gold material can be used as Aluminium for injection it will be a revolution for jewellery industry....
  I am curious about if anyone out there is working on this subject or tried before...
  Mehmet SALIM

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