3D's Most Recent Settlement Proposal

From: ayoung (ayoung@aarotec.com)
Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 18:52:17 EEST

Hello Charlie,

Where do you stand on this issue? What is your advice on this
Of course you must pass along any offer to AAROFLEX, but I must
say that this one is ridicules. Please tell them we will settle
if they will pay AAROFLEX Six Million Dollars ($6,000,000) and I
will throw in some new designs that help them to succeed. Further,
I will provide 3d 1000 hours of consulting to bring them out of
their troubles.

You know 3d is insolvent and has been delisted from the stock
exchange? Rumors are that 3d is for sale. Did you know their
value has dropped from $125 meg to $70 Meg. Their primary
competitor has a share price of six times that of 3d. 3d fired the
CFO and demoted the president of the firm. Of course the
president's position was always a flunky job. They have had maybe
five presidents since the first interaction with AAROFLEX,Inc.

Should they turn down the first proposal then I would like for you
to propose to 3d that AAROFLEX, Inc. purchase 3d at Five Dollars
and Fifty Cents ($5.50) a share and that Albert C. Young, Jr.,
P.E. be the Chairman and CEO of the combined company of 3d and
AAROFLEX and then clean up the mess 3d has created of both
companies. Of course the purchase is subject to financial
arrangements, but AAROFLEX does already have informal arrangements
with some substantial backers for this transaction. I have some
new designs to revolutionalize the industry. I have discussed one
new design with Hewlett Packard for mass production.

Also, please ask for me to be placed on the agenda as a current
share holder for the long delayed annual board meeting as yet
unscheduled. I wish to discuss Management Philosophy.

Your firm would then be fully repaid once the transaction is

Please see the attached e-mails concerning 3d.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I will be out of the
states for two weeks on business, but you can e-mail me.

Albert C. Young, Jr., P.E.

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