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From: Brock (
Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 19:23:44 EEST

I seriously doubt you got my contact info from our home page. Most companies, including ours, that have job openings will post appropriate contact information
there. It appears you sent this message randomly to people on the rapid prototyping mailing list. That is an intrusion, especially considering all the
discussion the rp-ml has had about spam. I would be very suspicious of hiring anyone that starts off with such a dishonest approach, no matter how attractive
the list of capabilities appears to be. I now have to question the veracity of the information you give about yourself. Too bad. wrote:

> Re. Business Development
> I found your contact information on your company's home page
> and I would like to use the opportunity for a speculative application.
> The position I have in mind is that of Business Developer Europe.
> As you can see from my profile, I have many years experience in business development of equipment and advanced materials. A detailed resume is
> available on request. I apologize for the intrustion and hope to hear from you soon.
> Best regards
> Tel: +39-348-493-4226
> E-mail:
> Milano, Italy
> =====================
> Profile and Objective
> =====================
> Energetic all-round technical marketing / product / strategic account manager with international marketing and general management experience in USA,
> Western and Eastern Europe, Japan. Special expertise: business development and international sales of advanced materials, components and equipment.
> Experience in high-density interconnect electronics, bioenergy, fuel cells, smart card, smart label, assembly and manufacturing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals,
> fluid cracking catalysts, SPC (Statistical Process Control), optical films and polarizers, electronic displays (liquid crystal display, LCD). Thorough
> knowledge of physics and chemistry (Ph.D. level) Team builder who shares his success with others. Languages: Fluent Japanese (also reading, 2-kyu
> level), fluent English, German, Dutch (mother tongue), Italian & some French. Computer: MS Office and Internet, e-commerce. Objective: Opportunity in
> global tech market place with high entrepreneurial content, preferably working out of Europe. Will consider contract or interim assignments. Citizen of The
> Netherlands (eligible for employment in all EU Countries)

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