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From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Fri May 30 2003 - 22:07:04 EEST

It is a good thing I put on a nomex suit after I sent that message.
I got flamed back pretty quickly. Which I fully expected.
I'm sorry but I still maintain that if you ask for the website for "Delcam"
(which you spell correctly in your e-mail) without even trying <> or a google search on Delcam . .
You are setting yourself up to be poked at. I would hope that those sort of
investigations would be "screamingly obvious" to everybody.
As it turns out, the original poster told me that he did in fact search for
and try and connect to Delcam with several hyperlinks.
It seemed that none of them were working (at least at the time that he was
searching. I haven't had any problems connecting myself.)
Of course I couldn't tell that from his original post.
If it had said something like: "I can't seem to connect to the Delcam
website. Do I have the right address?
<> "
I would have gone to the website and seen if it was working for me and
reported the results back to the poster.
Jeeze . .if I got all these flames thrown back at me . . .I wonder how badly
Bathsheba got burned a few weeks back when she went off on someone about a
similar request for info.
I think the list is a great resource too.
And I do treat requests seriously. Just ask the numerous people who have
posted "remove" to this list.
Many have gotten an e-mail from me explaining how to unsubscribe.
I will plead guilty to having too little patience . . . particularly when
it's a rarely seen nice day outside and I'm stuck at work.
I'm putting the nomex back on.
Have a good weekend
Scott Tilton
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Subject: Re: Delcam
Dear Scott,
It is good to know that the site is not snobbish and people can ask
questions about a subject that to you is screamingly obvious. I see that
several people did respond with the requested information.
In asking the question thoms1991 also got a check on whether he had the name
right and got the information he was looking for. Yes he could have put the
name in the web, but how often have you tried to find something based on a
name you think you remember.
I hope we always treat requests seriously, that way this mailing list will
always be a great resource.
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From: Scott Tilton <>
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Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 1:21 PM
Subject: RE: Delcam
The fact that someone can send an e-mail with "Delcam" in it and not have
found <> is somehow very disturbing.
I have some tolerance for people who ask questions of the RPML without doing
some investigating on their own . . . but this is ridiculous.
Scott Tilton
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From: thoms1991 []
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2003 10:04 AM
Subject: Delcam
Does Delcam (software) have a website?

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