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Date: Sat May 31 2003 - 17:48:40 EEST

Ian et al, My problem was that a search engine took me to several links to Delcam, none of which worked. I thought maybe they had changed their url and had not updated something; Hence my too quick request for assistance. There was no underlying skulldrudgery! Thank You ALL, who replied without hanging me for asking! Please let this be the final word on this subject.
Best Regards, Tom
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  Tom is a regular contributor to rp-ml, so I must say that I was also a little surprised at the email asking for the address of one of the most well-known CAM companies on the planet.

  I also smell a rat.

  I believe it could well be something to do with web marketing. Someone puts out an inane question, like is there a web site for Delcam. Then loads of people reply. This increases the number of web hits and advances the name of Delcam up the various search engine databases. These data mining engines are smart, so they filter out multiple hits from the same source. Therefore all the separate emails on the subject add to the impact factor. They maybe even have priority settings for associated email groups like rp-ml.

  Tom, please tell me that I'm being paranoid.


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    The fact that someone can send an e-mail with Delcamin it and not have found is somehow very disturbing.


    I have some tolerance for people who ask questions of the RPML without doing some investigating on their own . . . but this is ridiculous.



    Scott Tilton



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    Does Delcam (software) have a website?
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