Phd Studentship Opportunities

From: Chris Sutcliffe (
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 15:56:31 EEST

Dear List

The following opportunities are available at the University of Liverpool
Please contact me confidentially off list for further information. The
positions will be advertised on in the next few days.


1 studentship and 1 research assistants post on an EPSRC Sponsored Research
grant designing and developing a manufacturing system capable of making
400,000 controlled release oral dosages (pills) per hour.

3 studentships investigating the Rapid Manufacturing of Hierarchical
Structures concentrating on the following three areas
the manufacture of micro heat exchangers, orthopaedic implants and ultra
light aerospace components.

Best Regards


Dr. Chris Sutcliffe

Rapid, Micro and Bio Manufacturing Research
The University of Liverpool
Department of Engineering
Ashton Building
Brownlow Hill
L69 3GL

Tel. (0151) 794 4316
Fax. (0151) 794 4703
Mobile (0151) 794 7729


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