1st International Conference on Advanced Research in Virtual and Rapid Prototyping

From: Artur Mateus (amateus@estg.ipleiria.pt)
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 20:41:24 EEST

Dear colleagues,

It is with pleasure that we are announcing for those who witch to attend
next VR@P2003 that Dr. Therry Wohlers will give a tutorial about Rapid
Prototyping and Tooling in the mould making industry.
In this tutorial Dr. Wohlers will discuss the most important
developments and trends in rapid and high-performance tooling. The
presentation will provide news and updates on Arcam, EOS, Ford
Sprayform, Optomec, POM, Praxair, ProMetal, RSP Tooling, 3D Systems and
other products, processes and companies. Dr. Wohlers will also discuss
tool design software including Magics Tooling from Materialise and a
development that is underway at TNO Industrial Technology. Dr. Wohlers
will help listeners sort through the maze of options and understand
which are most promising for specific tooling applications.

For more informations please visit our web site:

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