centreno performance

From: Henry Sommer (hsommer@mindspring.com)
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 05:09:33 EEST

I ran the OCUS Pro/E benchmark. ( www.proesite.com
<http://www.proesite.com/> ) It is the best Pro/E benchmark out there and my
favorite system benchmarking tool. It runs through a trail file of commands
in Pro/E. I used Pro/E version 2001. If you compare results to the one on
the webpage make sure you only look at results from 2001 other versions are
different. The Laptop was 47 seconds slower than my year old workstation.

So if speed is most important in your laptop purchase you should look at
either the Dell Inspiration 8500 with the Pentium 4-M and the Geforce4 4200
or a true mobile workstation with a cad graphics card. If you need better
battery life ect go with the Centreno. Dell is the only vendor with a
Geforce4 4200 go system.

Dell latitude D800
Centreno (Pentium M) 1.6ghz
1 gig of ram ddr 2100
5400 rpm ide hard drive
Nvidia Geforce4 ti4200 go 64MB
XP home

Total = 861 seconds
CPU related tasks (CP) = 559 seconds
Graphics related tasks (GR) = 251 seconds
GUI related tasks (GU) = 36 seconds
DISK related tasks (DI) = 278 seconds

Home built
AMD 2100 (1.7 ghz)
512 mb ram ddr 2100
5400 rpm ide hard drive
Nivdia Quado4 700xgl 64 MB
Windows 2000

Total = 814 seconds
CPU related tasks (CP) = 521 seconds
Graphics related tasks (GR) = 216 seconds
GUI related tasks (GU) = 52 seconds
DISK related tasks (DI) = 220 seconds

Henry Sommer

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