Date: Thu Jun 05 2003 - 00:41:59 EEST

 Dear Sir,
This will take you by surprise because we dont have former contact but its an
important matter .
I am Mr quattara Doh, the young brother of Mr Felix Doh who was killed in Ivroy
Coast after signing a peace accord with the government in marcoussis on 5th of
may . its the hand work of the government because they called my brother a
dengerous rebel who dont want president Gbagbo.
After his death, government officials came into our house to search for arms and
take some of his belongings. But before he went for the peace accord, he handed
over to me as his brother documents covering money that was transfer to europe
for arms purchase which was at $ 10 Million Euro through a security company
based in Europe. I then asked him if the money was really ment for arms purchase
but he said that the money is ment for our family uses in case of his dealth. And
that all documents are on my names as his next of kin.
Then after his dealth, I contact the company and this fund was confirmed in my
favour , that this fund is in hand of the security company and its a safe fund from
my brother in my names.
Now, I dont know how to move this fund to a different foriegn account and a non
ivoirian person who will not give out my secret regarding this fund. This is why I
am contacting you to help me as to creat a foriegn account where this fund could
be transfer into for further investment in oversea.
If you could help me as to move this fund into your account, you will be entitle to
15% of this total fund after transfer into your account and 5% will be for
expenses incurred during this transaction.
I would want to inform you that this fund has risk attached because it was
transfer to this security company as Africa artifact and this is a personal
transaction. And also I would want you keep this to youself because I dont third
part to this business.
When this fund has been move into your account, you will now arrange for me a
visa to come over to your country for any investment that will be of benefit.
I am expecting your favourable reply as to move this fund into your account.
Thanks for your patience and waiting for your assistance.
Yours Faithfully.
Mr Quattara Doh.

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