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From: Keith Nybakke (
Date: Mon Jun 09 2003 - 21:40:21 EEST

At 10:02 +0900 6/9/03, RPC wrote:
>I am working on a project for my work on our SLA5000 to see what benefits of
>the Z-smoothing and Smart Best Finish features of 3D Lightyear 1.3 will do
>for the quality of parts we produce. I was wondering if anyone had done any
>research on these two options and come up with any conclusions.


Regarding the Z-smoothing option:

You will see benefits from this option in just a few situations.

As you know, a large, gently curving surface will often result in
large facets when the surface is converted to an stl file. A slice
through such a facet will result in a fairly long straight line.

Z smoothing will provide some correction of this effect. When
selected, Lightyear will first create polylines using its typical
slice generating function -- polylines from the intersection of a Z
plane with a facet edge. But Lightyear will then try to create a
smoother polyline by interpolation of the array of points. It is
similar to creating a spline from a set of points.

Even though this new polyline is still an approximation, it is often
useful and usually provides some benefit. It is best to apply this
option with "organic" or "ergonomic" or "sculpted" shapes that are
greater than 4" in the largest dimension.

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