Measures against spam in rp-ml

From: Seppo Niemi (
Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 14:36:12 EEST

Dear Everybody,

I have just installed a piece of software called SpamAssassin to the
rp-ml mail server. It should cut down the amount spam on the list.

The software checks every incoming message and calculates a "spam
value" for it. If the value is high enough, the message is flagged as
spam and tossed away.

This is not a perfect solution, there'll still be a certain amount of
spam which is not caught by SpamAssassin. And it is also possible that
some perfectly legitimate mails will be rejected as spam because the
software thinks it "looks like spam". But I think this is still an

I also had to upgrade the Mail Transfer Agent software (Exim) to
version 4.20 and some other components of the Operating System in
order to get SpamAssassin installed. The list should, however,
continue to work just as before. The server hardware is slow and old
and this new software requires a lot of computing power, so there may
or may not be some occasional timeouts or delays.

If you experience any technical problems, please send mail to and let me know.


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