Low Cost Reverse Engineering

From: Ian Unwin (imunwin@hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 13 2003 - 14:49:48 EEST

Hi All
Within a larger proposal submitted within the last few weeks, my management
have agreed to allow me to set up a reverse engineering capability.
Unfortunately I wasn't successful in getting the full amount of money
requested in my proposal so I am having to readdress how I demonstrate the
benefits of RE in-house.

In my previous job I used a combination of Imageware Surfacer, Raindrop
Geomagic Studio, Solidworks and Magics to produce RP masters for silicone
tooling. However, some of these software packages are expensive - namely
Surfacer and Studio. Can anyone recommend cheaper alternatives.

I was maybe thinking about using Rhino3D (as it states that it can import
point data - probably small data sets only) for surfacing and Soldiworks for
solid modelling - any comments?

Also any views on low cost data capture devices (inc. used equip) - accurate
enough for general RE of mechanical / consumer type components - would need
to be portable.

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