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Date: Sat Jun 14 2003 - 05:00:50 EEST

Get the free trail of Rhino and try it out. There is also a new and young
package out there that is around $5,000 called GSI studio. They watch this
list and will probably contact you. However, which one you get depends on
what you need to do. Imageware is the only one that can do Class A work. If
you get a scanner it will come with software that will let you do alignment
and manipulation of point or polygon data.

The Minolta products are good (relatively) low cost hardware that have some
software with them. I have seen demo units for sale before. Faro arms are
also low cost and portable. It all really depends on the details of what you
want to do and how you want to do it. The surfaser is also low cost but I
have never used one.

Henry Sommer

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Hi All
Within a larger proposal submitted within the last few weeks, my management
have agreed to allow me to set up a reverse engineering capability.
Unfortunately I wasn't successful in getting the full amount of money
requested in my proposal so I am having to readdress how I demonstrate the
benefits of RE in-house.

In my previous job I used a combination of Imageware Surfacer, Raindrop
Geomagic Studio, Solidworks and Magics to produce RP masters for silicone
tooling. However, some of these software packages are expensive - namely
Surfacer and Studio. Can anyone recommend cheaper alternatives.

I was maybe thinking about using Rhino3D (as it states that it can import
point data - probably small data sets only) for surfacing and Soldiworks for
solid modelling - any comments?

Also any views on low cost data capture devices (inc. used equip) - accurate
enough for general RE of mechanical / consumer type components - would need
to be portable.

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