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From: thoms1991 (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 17:20:42 EEST

Thanks, Seppo, for your efforts on our behalf, in improving and maintaining
the rp-ml.

We heeded your suggestion and have mailed a small contribution check to the
Free Software Foundation at

        Free Software Foundation
        59 Temple Place - Suite 330
        Boston, MA 02111 USA

Also, should Hannu ever decide that an upgrade of the equipment, which is
running rp-ml at Lahti Poly, is necessary please let us know and we will
contribute towards that expense also.

Best Regards, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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Subject: Spam issue revisited

> And another matter - a while ago some of you suggested that you might
> give me a financial contribution as a reward of my work with the
> list. I have given it some thought and I really appreciate it. I do
> not feel comfortable with the idea, however. This is hobby for me and
> I do it just for the fun of it.
> And it is actually Hannu who does most of the work in maintaining the
> list. I just check every once in a while that the machine and all the
> software is still up and running. There really isn't that much work
> involved.
> Someoneo also mentioned the cost of running the server. Well, I
> think the only money that was spent with this service, was when Hannu
> originally bought the hardware. Everything else is actually free (at
> least for us). The network connection (and the electricity) is kindly
> provided by Lahti Polytechnic. And all the software (including
> operating system) is free software released under the GNU General
> Public License.
> If you still insist on donating money, I recommend you send your
> contributions to The Free Software Foundation
> ( They are doing an excellent job in creating and
> maintaining good quality software free of charge. And they are also
> spreading the ideology of free software around the world to encourage
> programmers to share their work with others.
> It would make me feel happy if you sent your cheques to them instead
> of me. I honestly think they deserve it better. Without them we
> probably wouldn't have the software or even the operating system
> to run rp-ml. See for their
> address or other ways to support them.
> Thanks for your time,
> //zaphod

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