Re: SLA 250 questions

From: Andrew Miller (
Date: Sun Jun 15 2003 - 17:49:06 EEST

>I am wondering why you would prefer a SLA machine over, let's say, a
Dimension machine from >Stratasys?

Ummm....We've already got an FDM machine....

Handy tool....but not always the right piece of equipment for making masters
for RTV or urethane tooling....way to much post processing.....

The Majority of our masters come off our CNC mill done in Renshape....

The breakdown is sort of like this.

The FDM has very little pre-processing (just push go) however there is HUGE
post-processing in filling and sanding to get the part smooth enough to use
as an RTV master.

The CNC Mill produces parts with virtually no post processing time (a little
sanding and a coat of primer) however there is more invested in up front
tool path generation etc....(and some geometries are not possible

Machine time is usually a little faster with the Mill but it needs
monitoring (tool changes etc) the FDM runs lights out...

The idea behind an SLA machine is a Lights out machine with less post

And we all know that there isn't One process that is suited to all jobs...
sooo..the trick is to have more than one process...another tool in the tool
box so to speak....

thanks for all your replies...very helpful...(we don't however have the $$
for a Viper)

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