Re: Spam issue revisited

From: Hannu Kaikonen (
Date: Wed Jun 18 2003 - 16:13:27 EEST

Once again we owe big time to Seppo for tuning up the server and installing
new software to protect us from the evil spammers.

I totally agree with Seppo about the Free Software Foundation. They are
doing a great job and really deserve all the support they can get.

I appreciate the thought of giving financial support to running rp-ml, but
I also feel a bit unconfortable with it. As long as the connection stays
free of charge and we do not need a new server (I was a bit afraid it might
be the case after setting up the spam filters, but fortunately Seppo was
able to fix the problem), I think we'll survive. However, I do have a
Pay-Pal account just in case, and I'll let you know if we ever need to
update the hardware or smthing and need your support to do it. But that's
just a backup plan - I hope we'll never need to use it.

The very thought that someone is willing to spend money to keep the list
alive, proves that the list really is worth something. A huge Thank you
for that! And also Thank you for all the positive, encouraging
messages! Let's just keep Sharing and Enjoying!


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