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Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 16:49:25 EEST

Dear Mr. Fitts,
Following your interest, please find below an update regarding Objet
technology and products. The machine that you saw in San Antonio is the
QuadraTempo. It features:

- Very high accuracy,

- 20-micron layer (0.0008") thickness.

- Full cure resin (no post curing is required).

The QuadraTempo is in the market for 20 months and has been installed in
more than 20 countries including many leading multinational companies in the
following markets - Automotive, Sport shoes, Aerospace, Electronics,
Consumer goods, Universities and service bureaus.

In May 2003, Objet introduced the second generation of its Photopolymer
Jetting (PolyJet™) technology.

This new technology features:

- Big format

- Enhanced materials (better flexibility, impact strength and

- Single Head Replacement

- Thin layers (16 microns with the same speed as the QuadraTempo).

The benefits to the user:

- Parts up to 13.5” x 13” (340*330 mm) on a single tray (much more than
similarly priced RP systems)

- Enables snap fit

- High uptime

- Ability to jet very fine details & very smooth surface

Should you need additional information you are very welcome to address
myself or our sales and marketing teams in Europe, US or our numerous
partners around the world.

Tineke Van Aken
Sales and Marketing Assistant
Objet Geometries Europe S.A.
Tel : +32.2.717.65.02
Fax : +32.2.717.65.00
Mobile : +32.474.94.84.20

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  Perhaps Objet & Envisiontec would be kind enough to provide their "best
version of the truth" regarding their respective systems to the list.

  Objet, I was fortunate to catch at a show last year in San Antonio, TX.
Envisiontec, unfortunately has yet to respond to any email referencing the
Perfactory process.

  Herschel Fitts
  Design Masters
  Addison, TX
  972 877-6106

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