Re: Advertising Invisiontec & Objet

From: Brock (
Date: Wed Jun 25 2003 - 20:23:34 EEST

Especially in this case, where the companies responded to a couple of specific
requests, one even questioning if the company was still in business, the
responses were good and useful.


Andrew Miller wrote:

> > If I was cynical I might think this was a smooth way to get some
> advertising
> > on the RPML.
> why shouldn't they do a little advertising...
> This is the right audience...
> If they do say anything fraudulent or misleading....somebody will point it
> out real quick!
> If they begin to bombard us with daily "Buy MY with Free
> Viagra!" they'll lose customers not gain any....
> I think this is a perfect forum for manufacturer to update us all on what's
> new...we're the experts so we'll keep them honest!

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